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Speech work: Diphthongs


A diphthong is the combination of two vowel sounds produced together with the gliding movement of the speech organs. This means, to realize a diphthong, you glide from the first sound to the second one. There are eight diphthongs in the English language.

They are:

\ eɪ \ as in age, date, make, raid, crane, eight

\ əʊ \ as in dough, old, home, go row, crow, toe, sew

\ aɪ \ as in buy, rice, cry, tie, height, high

\ aʊ \ as in cow, bout, bough, doubt

\ ɔɪ \ as in boy, boil, moist, buoy

\ ɪə \ as in fear, beer, clear, fierce

\ eə \ as in air, bare, fair, share

\ ʊə \ as in poor, pure, sure


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Indicate the diphthongs represented in the words below

foe \   \

crowd \   \

vain \    \

pair \    \

Island \    \

sow \    \

noise \    \

plough \    \

rear \    \

know \    \



Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology by Fatusin; Diction in English (year 10)



Read page 145 (diphthongs) of Exam Focus and Diction in English year 9


TOPIC: Writing: Argumentative Essay


An argumentative essay is one in which a candidate presents a subject with the aim of persuading his/ her audience to agree with his/her own point of view against another one. All forms of debate are argumentative essays but not all argumentative essays are debates. We may develop an argument for the following reasons:

  1. To prove a point
  2. To present a point of view

iii.         To balance the two sides of an issue.


In a debate, your audience determines how you start. There is need for vocative i.e greeting the people that are present, e.g, The Chairman, The Judges, Time-keeper, The Audience, or Ladies and Gentlemen. But, in an argumentative essay that is not a debate, there is no need for the vocative, rather, you write the topic and present your own points in a systematic way.


The language, i.e, your choice of words, must be forceful and convincing. Questions may be asked from the audience, references (allusions) can be made to history, bible, other books etc. Lastly, make sure your final words are as conclusive as possible.



Write to support or oppose the topic “Teachers are better than farmers in a society.



Countdown English by Ogunsanwo



Read more on argumentative essay from Exam Focus, page 20

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