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A pronoun is a word used instead or in place of a noun or a noun phrase. E.g.;

Ade is coming tomorrow

The boy is coming tomorrow

He is coming tomorrow.


There are different types of pronouns. They are:  personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, relative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, etc.

Here, we shall consider Personal and possessive Pronouns.



Personal Pronouns:

They are used to refer to persons (and things) and they are of three types.

  1. First Person

Singular                                                       Plural

I go to school every day.                                    We go to school every day.


  1. Second Person

Singular                                                       Plural

You come here every Saturday.                                   You come here every Saturday.


  1. Third Person

Singular                                                       Plural

He/ She /It {goes to the stream every week.             They go to the stream every week.



Personal Pronouns also have object and subject forms.


Consider the box below.

Subject form                             Object form

I                                                           Me

You                                                    you (singular& plural forms).

She                                                     her

He                                                       him

We                                                      us

You                                                    you

They                                                   them

It                                                          it



Possessive Pronouns:

These are also known as genitive pronouns. They show ownership or possession. The following table shows the possessive forms of pronouns in terms of pronominal adjectives and pure pronouns:

Singular Plural
Adjective Pronoun Adjective Pronoun
First Person My                         mine Our                        ours
Second Person Your                      yours Your                      yours
Third Person His                        his

Her                       hers

Its                         its

Their                     theirs

Their                     theirs

Their                     theirs



This is my book

This book is mine

That is your pencil

It is yours

These are our bags

They are ours

The chairs are their own

They are theirs

The food belongs to the dog.

The food is its.




Do practice five on page 23 of English Grammar by P.O Olatunbosun


Countdown English by Ogunsanwo; Exam Focus: English for JSCE; English Grammar by P.O Olatunbosun.


Exam Focus: English for JSCE page 45-46 and English Grammar page 21



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