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Synonyms are words that have almost the same meaning. Study the following examples with the aid of a dictionary:

Words                             Synonyms

holy                                        pious, religious, godly

active                                    dynamics, energetic, fast, quick

callous                                   unfeeling, unsympathetic

law                                         rule, legislation, regulation, statute

educated                             learned, informed, literate

start                                        begin, commence, initiate

happy                                   glad, pleased, satisfied

famous                                  popular, well-known, eminent

own                                       possess, have

feeble                                    weak, faint

show                                      reveal, exhibit

aim                                         purpose, intention, objective, goal

dangerous                           risky, perilous, hazardous


Antonyms are words that are opposite in meaning or nearly opposite in meaning

Words                               Antonyms

quiet                                      noisy, troublesome

start                                        end, stop

empty                                    full

friend                                     foe, enemy

idle                                         busy

famous                                  notorious

accept                                  reject

expel                                      admit

monotony                            variety

virtue                                      vice


Some antonyms are formed by adding prefixes to the words e.g; im, in, un, il. Di, etc. each of these prefixes means ‘not’


Words                             Antonyms

pure                                       impure

correct                                  incorrect

literate                                   illiterate

active                                    inactive

possible                                 impossible

logical                                   illogical

orderly                                   disorderly

lucky                                      unlucky

kind                                        unkind

advantage                          disadvantage




  1. Write a synonym for each of these words: humble, broad, openly, wise, profound, industrious, expensive, modern, buy, and correct
  2. Give the antonyms of the words below:

conceal, clever, best, inferior, approve, feeble, able, allow, callous, invaluable



Countdown English by Ogunsanwo; English Grammar by P.O Olatunbosun.



Read page 107 (Synonyms and Antonyms) of Exam Focus and page 101of English Grammar by   P.O Olatunbosun.




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In our next class, we will be learning about Active and Passive Voices. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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