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TOPIC: Writing: Report writing


A report refers to a spoken or written account of an event. Thus, report writing is an act of presenting an account of an event that has taken place in a written form. A report can either be formal or informal.

A formal report is one which is presented as a formal document giving details of an event. E.g.; robbery, an accident, the proceedings of a meeting etc. To write a good report, one must:

  1. have a good knowledge of the audience or the reader.
  2. have a good knowledge of the use of direct and indirect speech forms.
  3. pay close attention to tenses.


Features of a Formal Report

  1. Writer’s address with the date
  2. Receiver’s address
  3. Salutation
  4. Title
  5. Text of the report
  6. Writer’s name
  7. (Designation).


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Informal Report: This is a report that is not written for official reasons: When writing an informal report, take note of the following:

  1. make out an outline to guide you.
  2. report both what you have seen and what others have said.
  3. emphasize the facts but avoid exaggeration
  4. make correct statements or personal remarks without prejudice.
  5. avoid expressions that cannot be found in the dictionary.
  6. give sufficient details of the event.
  7. try as much as possible to add your own contribution either by giving suggestions or offering solutions to problems that may have arisen in the report.
  8. pay attention to tenses.





There was a fight between a boy and a girl in your class. The girl was beaten up by the boy such that she fainted and was rushed to the sick-bay. The principal of your school heard about the incident and asked you to write your own report of what actually happened and your contribution as the class-captain.



Countdown English by Ogunsanwo



Read pages 44&45 of the Effective English Bk3



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