Speech work (Vowel Sound)

Lesson Two


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In today’s English Language class, We will be working on our Speech as we learn about the Vowel sounds /i:/, /I/, /æ/ and /e/. We hope you enjoy the class!


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Vowel sounds /i:/, /I/, /æ/ and /e/


  • What is a vowel sound?
  • Words in which these sounds occur.


A vowel sound is a sound that is produced from the mouth without any obstruction.

A vowel is the nucleus or central part of a syllable. The following vowel sounds /i:/, /I/, /e/ and  /æ/ are known as monophthongs, i.e. each of them comprises only one symbol. These sounds are represented by different letters. Consider the examples below:


(i)                          /i:/

ea:     meat, beat, seat, meal, grease, peace

ee:     seed, meet, feel, feeble, feet

ei:      deceive, seize, ceiling

i:        elite, police.

ey:     key

eo:     people

uay:   quay

oe:     foetus, amoeba

ie:      chief, grief thief, thief brief


(ii)                       /I/

i:          bit, hit, sit

ui:        build, quilt, quiz

u:         busy, business

e:         believe, pretty, retrieve

a:         Monday, village Friday

y:         symbol, tyranny, lynching

o:         women


(iii)                  /e/

e:          best, get, leg, egg

ea:        head, death, bread

a:          many, any

eo:        leopard, jeopardy, Geoffrey



(iv)                   /æ/

a:               back, bat, man

ai:              plait



Evaluation: Identify the sounds underlined below:

Chat, bury, English, sheep, ate, chip, plait, quay, leopard, guess


Reference: Oral English by Sam Onuigbo; standard speech, page 11-15

Reading Assignment: Standard speech (Diction in English) page 11-12




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In our next class, we will be reading the Comprehension Play: The Forbidden Thing. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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