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Review of Monophthongs

The English vowel sounds are twenty in number. These vowels consist of twelve monophthongs and eight diphthongs. The monophthongs can be sub-divided into long and short vowel sounds. Below are the sounds with examples.



The short vowel sounds are seven (7). They are:

/ I /

‘a’      –           village, adage

‘e’       –           before, women, English

‘u’       –           business, busy, minute

‘ei’      –           foreign

‘ui’      –           build, guilt

‘y’       –           symbol, lynch, myth

‘O’      –           women

‘I’        –           sit, pig, big, pit, kid


/e /

‘a’      –           many, any

‘ou’    –           said

‘ay’    –           says

‘e’       –           bed, peg, egg, net.

‘ea’    –           dead, bread, head

‘ue’    –           guess, guest

‘eo’    –           leopard, jeopardy, Geoffrey

‘ie’      –           friend

‘u’       –           bury


/ æ /

‘a’      –           pat, hat, track, bag, trap

‘ai’      –           plait


/ ɒ/

‘a’      –           watch, want, what

‘ou’    –           cough, trough

‘au’    –           laurel, because, sausage

‘o’      –           cot, cod, pot, hot

‘ow’   –           knowledge


/ ʊ /

‘o’      –           woman, bosom, wolf

‘oo’    –           book, took, wood, wool

‘ou’    –           would, should, could

‘u’       –           pull, bull, put, sugar



The long vowel sounds are five (5). They are:


/ iː /

‘uay’  –           quay

‘ae’    –           Caesar, aesthetic

‘e’       –           mete, procedure, eve,

‘ee’    –           peel, meet, seek,

‘ae’    –           heat, seat, meat

‘ai’      –           machine, prestige

‘ei’      –           receive, deceive

‘ie’      –           relieve, believe

‘oe’    –           foetus, amoeba

‘ui’      –           suite

‘eo’    –           people


/ ɑː /

‘a’      –           father, pass, vase

‘ar’     –           car, park, mark

‘ear’   –           heart

‘er’     –           clerk, sergeant

‘al’      –           palm, calm, half

‘au’    –           laugh, aunt


/ ɜː/

‘er’     –           germ, verve, fertile,

‘ear’   –           learn, yearn, pearl

‘ir’       –           shirt, skirt, firm

‘ur’     –           burn, turn, curl, burden

‘our’   –           journey, mourners, courtesy.


/ ɔː/

‘a’      –           water, wall, talk

‘aw’   –           hawk, awe, law

‘au’    –           laud, caught, daughter

‘oa’    –           board, roar, hoard

‘ou’    –           bought, sought, fought

‘or’     –           fork, north, stoke

‘oo’    –           door

‘o’      –           floral, Florence

‘our’   –           count, bourdon

‘ar’     –           warm, war, wharf


/ uː/

‘eu’    –           feudal, leukaemia

‘ew’   –           ewe, stew, blew

‘o’      –           move, tomb, prove

‘oe’    –           shoe

‘ou’    –           soup, coup, youth

‘oo’    –           pool, tooth, school

‘u’       –           tune, rude, prune

‘ue’    –           sue, cue, blue

‘ui’      –           juice, fruit, suit


/ ʌ /

‘o’      –           mother, colour, money

‘oe’    –           does

‘ou’    –           country, tough, double

‘oo’     –          blood, flood,

‘u’       –           cut, hut, but, much



Schwa sound


‘ae’    –           away, above, ago

‘er’     –           daughter, brother

‘or’     –           doctor, monitor

‘our’   –           clamour, colour, favour


monothongs english classnotesng


Evaluation:  Identify the vowel sounds underlined in the words below:

Perm                          /   /

Money                      /   /

Gracious                   /   /

Brother                      /   /

Nuisance                  /   /

Quality                      /   /

Psalm                         /   /

Crack                        /   /

Jeopardy                 /   /

People                     /   /


Reading Assignment: Read more on monophthongs from Exam focus for JSCE

References:  Standard Speech, pg 11-15; An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology of English by S.A Fatusin

Weekend Assignment: Do practice exercise 18 on pg. 78 of English Grammar by P.O Olatunbosun.




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