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A suffix refers to a letter or a group of letters added to the end of a word to make or form another word. Derivatives are words that have been developed from other words. Study the following examples to see how nouns, verbs and adjectives are formed by adding suffixes to certain other words.



Words                             Suffixes                           Derivatives 

Child                                      hood                                     Childhood

Neighbour                           hood                                     Neighbourhood

Friend                                    ship                                         Friendship

Inhabit                                   ant                                          Inhabitant

Shy                                         ness                                        Shyness

Dry                                          ness                                        Dryness

Establish                                ment                                      Establishment

Nourish                                  ment                                      Nourishment

Teach                                    er                                            Teacher

Sell                                          er                                            Seller

Sail                                          or                                            Sailor

Approve                               al                                             Approval



Words                             Suffixes                           Derivatives

Dignity                                   ify                                            Dignify

Code                                     ify                                            Codify

Beauty                                   ify                                            Beautify

Popular                                 ize                                           Popularizes

Synthesis                               ize                                           Synthesize

Terror                                     ize                                           Terrorize

Industrial                               ize                                           Industrialize

Sympathy                             ize                                           Sympathize

Dark                                       en                                           Darken

Sad                                         en                                           Sadden

Quick                                     en                                           Quicken




Words                             Suffixes                           Derivatives

Faith                                       ful                                            Faithful

Delight                                   ful                                            Delightful

Detriment                             al                                             Detrimental

Fate                                        al                                             Fatal

Fool                                        ish                                           Foolish

Child                                      ish                                           Childish

Noise                                      less                                          Noiseless

Use                                          less                                          Useless

Care                                      less                                          Careless

Attention                              ive                                           Attentive

Attract                                   ive                                           Attractive





  1. Form five adjectives from the following words:
  2. Intention, fruit, watch, educate, use.
  3. Form five nouns from the words below:

nourish, dismiss, kind, apply, woman




Exam Focus: English for JSCE; Oxford Advanced Learner’ Dictionary 


Read page 89-92 of English Grammar.




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In our next class, we will be talking about Interjections. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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