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The vocabulary of electricity refers to all the words that are commonly and peculiarly used in the field of electricity. In other words, it refers to words that are associated with electricity.


Study the list of words below:

Volt: This refers to a unit for measuring electric current.

Electrocution: Death by the passage of electricity through one’s body.

Solar Energy: Energy from the sun.

Insulation: The act of protecting something with a material that prevents heat, electricity or sound from passing through it.

Electrical Appliances: Devices or machines that use electricity.

Electrician: A person whose job is to connect, repair, etc, electrical equipment.

Socket: A hollow part into which an electric plug is inserted.

Converter: A kind of electrical induction coil.

Generator: A machine that changes mechanical energy to electrical energy.

Element: Resistance wire in an electrical appliance.

Switch: Device for making and breaking an electric circuit.

Disconnect: To cut or stop an electric current from flowing.

Transformer: Apparatus that increases or decreases the voltage of an electric power supply.



Do practice 3 on page 128 of Effective English bk 3.



Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary; Effective English for J.S.S.3



Read “Vocabulary” on page 127 of Effective English bk3



  1. Underline the correct verb
      1. Neither of the two boys (were, was) successful.
      2. Either Joy or Jane (have, has) a clock.
      3. The man as well as his daughter (is, are) here
      4. Neither they nor I (are, am) lazy.
      5. I would leave if I (was, were) you.
  2. Split the following sentences into subject and predicate.
      1. The use of whiteboards in remote villages is commendable.
      2. Each of them can do it.
      3. One of the chickens is dead.
      4. Everybody is happy
      5. Nobody came.



  1. Do Tests for continuous assessment page 124, no. 1 only
  2. Write a 70-word story about an escape.



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In our next class, we will be talking about Conjunctions. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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