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WRITING: Semi-Formal Letter


  • Definition of a Semi-Formal Letter
  • Features of a Semi-formal letter.


Semi-formal letters are letters we write to people who are not totally strange to us to describe personal letters, e.g. our teacher, family doctor priest etc.

The semi-formal letter is more related to the informal letter than the formal letter.


Features of a Semi-formal letter:

  1. Writer’s address with the date
  2. Salutation e.g. Dear Mr Eze, Dear Mrs Osho, Dear Dr John.
  3. Introduction
  4. Body of the letter
  5. Conclusion
  6. Subscript (usually Your sincerely)
  7. Writer’s full name.



A semi-formal letter does not require the writer’s signature.



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Evaluation: Write a letter to your class teacher, explaining to him/her the reason(s) for your absence from school.

Reference: Countdown English by Ogunsanwo.

Reading Assignment: Read Countdown English by Ogunsanwo pages 62 and 63.



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