Grammar (Lexical and Auxiliary verbs)


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In today’s English Language class, We will be learning about Verb Phrases – Lexical and Auxilary Verbs. We hope you enjoy the class!


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A verb phrase comprises a lexical verb and one or more auxiliary verbs. Lexical verbs are also known as the main verb while auxiliary verbs are often called helping verbs. A lexical verb can stand on its own and it performs the main action. However, some auxiliary verbs can be used as main verbs, performing the main actions in the sentences in which they occur.

Consider the following examples

  1. The girl is thinking about her mother
  2. The woman has arrived from Jos.
  3. She and the boy have opened the door
  4. You have broken the pencil
  5. I have two eyes
  6. She comes here every day
  7. I will taste the food first
  8.  They must have finished the job by now.



Do practice 1 page 179 of Effective English bk3



Exam Focus: English for JSCE.



Read page 178-179 of Effective bk3



  1. Complete the following tag questions
  2. It is sunny outside, ______?
  3. She doesn’t sing well, _____?
  4. I saw John and Mary, ______?
  5. They come here often, ______?
  6. There are eight chairs in your room, ______?
  7. Combine much, a little and little with five uncountable nouns.



Do practice exercise eighteen on page 78-79, questions 1&2 of English Grammar by P.O Olatunbosun.



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In our next class, we will be talking about Possessive and Personal Pronouns. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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