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Interjections are also known as “Exclamations”. They are words that we normally use when we express strong feelings e.g. Surprise, anger, excitement, joy, disgust, etc.

Exclamations are indicated by an exclamation mark (!)

Examples: oh! I have forgotten the name!

Wow! What a day!

What a beautiful woman she is!

How wonderful the message was!




An exclamation can be formed from a corresponding sentence or statement.


  1. They were nice
    • How nice they were!
  2. God is wonderful.
    • How wonderful God is!
  3. You are a kind man
    • What a kind man you are!



Change the following sentences to exclamations.

  1. She is a stupid girl
  2. The day is beautiful
  3. You are a brave hunter.
  4. Adisa is a poor man.
  5. She is a pretty lady.



Countdown English by Ogunsanwo; Exam Focus: English for JSCE



Read page 81 (Exclamations) of Exam Focus: English for JSCE




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