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Adjectives -


Welcome to today’s class!!

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Adjectives


Have you thought about cooking a meal without adding salt? That’d be tasteless, right.

examples of adjectives

Not adding adjectives to sentences might not necessarily make your sentence incomplete, but it helps people to understand clearly how you feel about something. 

If you visit a beach for the first time, whether or not you liked the atmosphere, you will surely want to describe everything you saw and your experience.


An Adjective helps you in giving full description to your words. 


An adjective is a word that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun. Adjectives can be used to describe the qualities of someone or something independently or in comparison to something else.

Examples: Adjectives in a sentence

  • I like old houses.
  • The boy is tall and skinny.
  • David is smarter than his brother.

Learning about adjectives is very important. Adjectives modify or describe nouns and pronouns. They can be attributive (occurring before the noun) or predicative (occurring after the noun). 

Predicative adjectives typically follow a linking verb (such as forms of the verb “to be”) that connects the subject of the sentence to the adjective.


  • The proud soldier is home.
  • The soldier is proud.
  • The dedicated employee starts early.
  • The employee is dedicated.

In summary, you’ve learned how adjectives are known to help describe nouns or pronouns. Remember, adjectives modify or describe nouns and pronouns. They can be attributive (occurring before the noun) or predicative (occurring after the noun). 


Explain how an adjective works as a modifier

Reading Assignment

Write a short story on a visit to a friend’s house and underline the adjectives. 

Weekend Assignment

Give (5) examples of adjectives in a sentence


We hope you enjoyed today’s class on adjectives. Let’s reconnect in the next class as we learn about types of adjectives. 

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