Structure: Instructions

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Instructions

At the end of each class, it is common for a teacher to give you an assignment. Not only that, in most cases, your teacher must have taught you how to handle those questions in the class before giving you an assignment. Hence they tell you when you are supposed to submit the assignment. Telling you when to submit the assignment is an example of someone giving you an instruction.


What about in the house? There are several rules guiding our behaviors. Such as mummy telling us not to stay up all night watching TV, or maybe brushing our teeth before eating. 

structure: instructions

So, whether or not we are in the school or home, we are bound by instructions. Instructions are meant to be obeyed, especially if they are given by those in authority (those having more power than us). 

Instructions could come from any of the following:


The government

Our parents




Spiritual leaders


Brothers and Sisters, etc. 

Summarily, instructions are like your assignment which must be submitted. However if an instruction cannot be followed due to any reason, it is important to tell the instructor why you are unable to follow them. 

explanation for not obeying an instructon


What are we to do with instructions given to us?

Reading Assignment

What are the instructions guiding your religion? Mention 5. 

Weekend Assignment

Mention six people that we can take instructions from in the society. 

We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about prepositions and usage of prepositions. 

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