Teaching of New Words And Meaning

Welcome to today’s class!!

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In today’s English class, we will be learning New Words And Their Meaning


New Words And Meaning


Like we have always done in our vocabulary class, where we learn new words, be ready to enjoy today’s class. 

In order to further appreciate these words, spell out each letter loudly before pronouncing the words alongside their meaning. 

new words and meaning

  • Gust: Strong rush of wind


  • Include: Contain as a part of the whole


  • Label: Phrase or name applied to a thing or a person


  • Living: The pursuit of a lifestyle of some specific types


  • Matter: A Subject or  situation under consideration


  • Necessary: Something that is important


  • Noticed: Become aware of, mention or remark on


  • Opinion: A statement of advice by an expert or professional on a matter, a view, or judgment formed about something


  • Plan: A detailed proposal or achieving something


  • Region: An area, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries


  • Scar: A mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has developed


  • Solution: A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation



Use your personal words to give meaning to the new words learned in today’s class. 


Reading Assignment

Read a comprehension passage on the role of government in society and write out as  many new words as you can find. 


Weekend Assignment

Use your personal dictionary to identify 10 new words and their meaning.


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will learn how to construct sentences using clauses.

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment section, and we will attend to them as fast as we can.

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