Revision of Last Term’s Work

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In today’s English class, we will be looking at the Revision of Last Term’s Work. 

Can you remember some of the topics you learned in your English Language in class 5? Let’s take a look at some of them and their definitions.

Identification OF Situations In Which ‘Same As” Could Be Used.

“Same as” is mostly used to make comparisons between two people or things. To identify situations in which “same as” is used:

  1. As introduces a clause.


Dan started school at the same age as Sam had started five sessions earlier.

Expressing Cause And Effect With “SO… THAT”

In making sentences with “so…that”, you would find that there is usually an adjective in between “so” and “that”. Also, a part of the sentence will show us the cause of the consequence.


  1. We were so eager to see the movie that we left them behind.

The cause is “eagerness to see a movie” while the consequence is leaving others behind.

  1. I was so hungry that I finished a loaf of bread.

The reason I finished a loaf of bread was that I was very hungry and the consequence of my hunger was that I finished a loaf of bread.

Debate (revision of last term’s work)

We will be writing a debate on the topic “Reality TV shows are good entertainment” and we will be supporting the motion.

Start with an address to your audience and introduce yourself.

Good day my honorable teachers and my fellow pupils. Reality shows are a very popular form of entertainment on TV nowadays. There are dozens of different types of programmes such as singing contests, cooking competitions or going to live in a jungle. I believe reality TV shows are good entertainment and I will tell you my reasons. I am Raj Muntab.

To begin, I think that there is a lot of variety in reality TV. People at home can choose which types of programmes they want to watch depending on what they are interested in. Some people like watching singing or cooking competitions while others prefer watching programmes about building houses or traveling around the world. In addition, reality TV programmes are a great opportunity to discover talented singers, dancers, chefs, and others. Several people who take part in these programmes get jobs as a result of being on TV. Another advantage is that the people on the shows have interesting experiences and meet new people.

On the other hand, some people think that reality TV is an easy way for them to become famous. However, most successful singers, actors, etc. have worked hard all their lives and are good at their job because of their hard work. Also, sometimes the people on the shows have to do really difficult or dangerous things.

You may end your debate like this:

“To conclude, I think that reality TV shows are good entertainment. They are interesting and there is something for everyone to watch.

Thank you everyone for listening to me.”


Comprehension (revision of last term’s work)

The Undersea World

revision of last term's work English Primary 6

Coral Reefs

The oceans of the world are full of the most incredible creatures. Plants, rocks, and corals form weird and wonderful landscapes. Perhaps some of the most amazing landscapes are coral reefs.

The Great Barrier Reef (Book)

The Great Barrier Reef is a chain of 3,000 individual coral reefs off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. It stretches for 2,300 kilometers.

The word “reef” comes from an old word ‘rif’, meaning an undersea danger to ships. Sailors, sailing over the coral reef to get to shore, were very aware that the sharp corals could tear the bottom of their boats. In time, the word ‘rif’ changed to ‘reef’.

Coral and plants called algae are some of the world’s most incredible living things. These miniscule creatures build reefs that can survive even the huge waves caused by tropical storms and tsunamis.

Corals combine their strength with beauty in their colourful branching shapes.

What are Corals?

Corals are composed of tiny animals called polyps. They belong to the same family as jellyfish. The polyps live in a limestone skeleton. Each polyp has a ring of tentacles around its mouth to catch food.

There are two basic types of corals – hard corals and soft corals. Hard corals produce a limestone skeleton which forms the reef. Soft corals look much the same but they do not have a solid limestone skeleton.

How Are Reefs Formed?

Coral reefs form when corals and algae find the right living conditions to thrive – warm, clear water and light.

They are made from limestone, made from skeletons of millions of tiny sea animals and plants. Each new generation fastens itself to the remains of the previous generations’ skeletons. The skeleton of the coral is both an anchor when the polyp is waving about in the water and a hiding place into which it can retreat when threatened. Because corals live in colonies, young corals build their homes on old skeletons and, in this way, huge reefs of limestone are formed.

As we go through the revision of last term’s work, these are some of the reading assignments that we engaged with as well.

Reading Assignment

  1. Where is the Great Barrier Reef?
  2. What can sharp cords do to the bottom of the boats?

Weekend Assignment

  1. How do some animals protect themselves?
  2. What conditions do coral reefs need to thrive?
  3. What are the two types of corals

We hope you enjoyed revision of last term’s work in today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about Sentence Building. Do you have any questions or need further clarifications? Do well to drop them in the comment section and we will attend to them swiftly.

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