Speech Work: Telephone Conversation 

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Telephone Conversation

The telephone conversation we are about to monitor is between two best friends, Chike and Dada. 


Chike: Hello, Dada


Dada: Hi, Chike. How are you doing?


Chike: I am fine, Dada. But I missed you. Since it’s a long holiday, I wanted to know if you have traveled out of town. 


Dada: Not yet, but my family think it’s best we spend the holiday in town. 


Chike: That is a great idea! That means I can come play at your house. 


Dada: Yes, you can. I will also do the same. 


Chike: Bye for now. 


Dada: Bye, Chike!


In this telephone conversation, we can see that the relationship between Chike and Dada is a friendly one. The boys are excited to spend the holiday together. 


Here is another telephone conversation between a mother and her daughter. 

telephone conversation


Mother: Hello, Lara! Can you hear me?


Daughter (Lara): Mother, your network is preventing me from hearing you clearly. Could you please move to a better area?


Mother: What about now?


Lara: Yes, mother, I can hear you. 


Mother: I saw a beautiful school bag, which I think you’ll like, should I buy it for you?


Lara: Yes, mother. Thank you!


Mother: Okay, my dear. I’ll see you soon!


Lara: Bye, mother. 


This conversation is between a mother and daughter. Lara is excited because her mother has promised to get a beautiful bag for her. 


From today’s telephone conversations, we were able to understand that information could be passed, likewise received without necessarily seeing the person. 




Compare the first conversation with the second one, and note two reasons why it is a positive conversation. 


Reading Assignment

What was important for Lara’s mother to do before she could have her message passed to her daughter!


Weekend Assignment

Write an example of a typical conversation between a coach and a football player. 


We hope today’s class was fun! Do you have any questions regarding today’s class, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment box. See you in the next class!


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