Explanatory Composition

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In today’s English class, we will learning about Explanatory Composition

Explanatory Composition

Composition can mean two things. It can mean a piece of writing, or it can mean the art and process of writing. 

explanatory composition

Composition is not a specific type of writing like an essay. Instead, it’s a term that can refer to any written work that is true and how a piece is written. 

As a result of this, sometimes you might be asked to write a composition for class. 

A composition is not the same as an essay. Every essay is a composition, but not every composition is an essay. 

A composition can also be a book report, a presentation, a short response to a reading assignment, or a paper containing a detailed message on something important. 

composition writing

Explanatory Composition allows you to write everything you feel convinced about. For example, if you had just gone on a holiday in Ibadan, And saw how large the city of Ibadan is, you can write an explanatory composition on why Ibadan is one of the best places in Africa, explaining majorly your experience. 

When writing an explanatory composition, you need to figure out what you’re going to write about! When you brainstorm, that’s exactly what you do. Take some time to think about your subject, and the mode, and other important details to include. 



Explain why an essay is different from a composition.


Reading Assignment

Write a composition about your favorite color. 


Weekend Assignment

  • What is an Explanatory Composition?
  • List four important details you must include when writing a composition.


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about Speech Work.

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