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Features of Formal Letter -

Features of Formal Letter

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Features of a Formal letter

First, before we explain the features of a formal letter, let’s start by telling you what a formal letter is. 

Have you heard someone saying they are writing a letter to the bank or a school? Yes! That’s a formal letter. This also includes the letter a student writes to the school principal explaining why they missed a class period. 

formal letter

In short, formal letters are written in a strict and specific form. They are also called Business Letters or Professional Letters.

Formal letters can be written for a number of reasons such as,

  • to express your concerns while working in a company
  • to provide official information across your company
  • to order for more foodstuffs, to apply for employment, etc.
  • to the Editor of a newspaper 

Features Of A Formal Letter

When writing a formal letter, there are things you must take note of, because it is not written to a friend or family. The following must be included;

Sender’s Address: Your address

Date: The day of the week, month and year inclusive.

Name/ Designation of Addressee: Ms/Mr/Mrs/Dr/Prof…… before writing your name

Address of the addressee: the receiver’s address

Salutation: It is usually a Dear Ma/Sir

Subject: The reason for writing the letter

Body – Introduction, Content, Conclusion

Complimentary Close

In summary remember that, formal letters are written in a strict and specific form. They are also called Business Letters or Professional Letters, 


Why do you think a formal letter should not be written anyhow?

Reading Assignment

Compare a sample of a formal letter written by a parent to the school. 

Weekend Assignment

Write a letter to the principal of your school telling him why you need a waste bin in the classroom. 

We hope you found today’s class interesting. Drop your thoughts in the comment box, and be sure we will reply!

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