Speaking At Interviews

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Speaking at Interviews

Have you ever been interviewed whether at school, Church or anywhere else? Sometimes before choosing a class prefect or school prefects, some students are usually called upon to answer some questions. Their ability to convince the one asking the questions, allows them to become the next prefect. 

speaking at interviews

While this happens at school, there are other places an interview takes place, such as in the office, communities and so on. 

An interview is an arranged conversation where one participant asks questions, and the other provides answers. In common terms, the word interview refers to a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee. The interviewer asks questions while the interviewee provides answers to the questions. 


Speaking at Interviews require you to follow these things:

  • A sign of confidence
  • Ability to convince the interviewer that you know what the responsibilities you are about to take up consists of. 
  • Tell the truth about who you are and your background
  • Have the necessary documents at hand to support your claims.
  • Give a honest feedback
  • Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to partake in the interview. 


When it comes to interviews, you must remember that it is a structured conversation where one participant asks questions, and the other provides answers. This means you are expected to do well on every interview. 



Explain what an interview is


Reading Assignment

What are the skills you must possess as a good candidate for an interview?


Weekend Assignment

If you are to attend an interview that will make you the captain of a basketball team, what are those things you will take to the interview floor?


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