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In today’s English class, we will learning about Business Letters

Generally, we may say a business letter is a very serious letter that is different from the type of letters written to our friends and family. 

Business Letters?


business letters

By definition, a business letter is a formal message sent from one professional to another. Generally, business letters discuss opportunities for companies to work together, such as through a partnership, collaboration, promotion, or request.

It’s important to keep in mind that a business letter is not the same as a business email, which is considered an electronic mail.

We can also say that a business letter is a printed letter delivered to the receiver desk or address. This style is part of what makes business letters different from an email message, which is why they tend to be used for important communications. 

There are many types of business letters, including these:

invitation letter        offer letter business letters

  • Sales letters
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Inquiry letters
  • Application letters
  • Letters of intent
  • Transmittal letters
  • Offer letters
  • Resignation letters
  • Interview follow-up letters
  • Request letters
  • Office memorandums
  • Cover letters
  • Invitations

There are two main differences between a business letter and an informal letter. These are: format and content.

They are letters are sent when individuals, either representing their companies or themselves as self-employed small-business owners, intend to conduct business. Here are examples of these instances:

  • Inviting an individual or team to an event
  • Thanking an interviewer for their time
  • Following up on a previous business inquiry
  • Offering a promotional deal or new product or service
  • Formally offering an applicant a position


In summary, we know that business letters can discuss opportunities for companies to work together, such as through a partnership, collaboration, promotion, or request.



What is a business letter, and how is it different from an informal letter that you write to your friends and family?


Reading Assignment

Get a copy of a printed memo asking parents to come for a PTA’s meeting and read through.


Weekend Assignment

  • List 5 things you must consider before writing a business letter
  • How is a business letter different from an email message?

We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning how to write Business Letters.

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