Valedictory Speeches

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Valedictory Speeches.

This is your final class in primary school. Have you thought about how you are going to say goodbye to your friends and teachers? One of the ways in which final year students express their wishes to their friends is through a valedictory speech. However, the thing about Valedictory Speeches is that everyone cannot give the speech, except for the person chosen to give it.  

Valedictory Speeches

A Valedictory is a speech expressing farewell, as at a school graduation. Valedictory relates to saying good-bye, but almost always refers to a speech or address. A valedictory speech is read by a valedictorian.

Let’s take a look at an example of a Valedictory Speech 

valedictory speeches

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, our parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, the proprietress and my fellow students. I am honored to be here as a valedictorian, representing the class of 2023/for this year’s speech day. When my teacher notified me that I was the valedictorian, I could not believe it at first. I was dumbfounded, and I did not know what to say during my speech. 

But now as I stand over here, there is a lengthy speech for me to say, and I owe it to the teachers who have helped me through. Without them, my paper would still be blank.

As I thread around the school, there is this feeling that still follows. It was just like yesterday that I entered the school as a clueless class 1 student. I still remember Mr John saying “Once a CS, always a CS.” Now, I am proud to be a student of CS.

Although the teachers are the first point of contact in the school, the people in the background are also important. For example the cleaners in the school that maintain the cleanliness of the school, making it an appropriate study environment. Also, the people in the general office, the head teacher and so forth. Without them, the school would not have been the same, and paperwork would not have been done. The teachers have also done their part, planning lessons, marking school work, taking care of classes, and I believe they deserve a round of applause. I think they are extraordinary people who carry out their tasks very well. It is very heartwarming to see teachers treating each and every one of us in the class as their own children. How everyone matters to the teacher; how our problems are also their problems. They not only are our teachers, but are also like our second parents and the school is like our second home. 

Although everyone has gone their own paths and moved to new homes, there is still some kind of attachment to the school that is always there. 

Just this year, some of the graduated seniors came back to help out in hand with the teachers as volunteers. Although we have graduated from CS, this experience has taught us new things that we were not taught in class.

I have no idea how I have survived past the 6 years in CS, but it was gone in a flash. I have made many fond memories that I will cherish, and I believe everyone will too.

Today, we are gathered here today to witness the accomplishments of students from CS, and I would like to congratulate all awardees. I would also like everyone to strive for the best and keep up the good work. 

We are CS, the light of the world!



When is a Valedictory Speech read in schools?


Reading Assignment

Valedictory Speeches are majorly read by who?


Weekend Assignment

You have been chosen as the valedictorian of your school, write a Valedictory Speech and read in the class. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about New Words And Meaning. 

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