Safe And Clean Water

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We all drink water. Water is used to cook. We use water to wash and bathe. Water is very important to life. But can we use dirty water to carry out our everyday activities? No!


safe and clean water

Clean And Safe Water

Safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene are important to human health and well-being. Clean and safe water is not only a necessity to health, but contributes to livelihoods, school attendance and dignity and helps to create strong communities living in healthy environments. Drinking unsafe water damages and affects health through illnesses such as diarrhea, and untreated excreta contaminates groundwater and surface waters used for drinking-water, irrigation, bathing and household purposes.

Chemical contamination of water continues to pose a health problem, whether natural in origin such as arsenic and fluoride.

Safe and clean water plays a key role in preventing numerous diseases such as trachoma, soil-transmitted helminths and schistosomiasis. 

safe and unclean water                            schistosomiasis

The World Health Organization says that, Diarrhea deaths as a result of unclean water were reduced by half during the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) period (1990–2015), with the significant progress on water and sanitation provision playing a key role.

Science through evidence suggests that improving service levels towards safely managed drinking-water or sanitation such as regulated piped water or connections to sewers with wastewater treatment can greatly improve health by reducing diarrhea disease deaths.



Why do you need safe and clean water in the environment?


Reading Assignment

Study the passage read in today’s class and identify the new words, using your dictionary to write their meaning. 


Weekend Assignment

  • Give six uses of water in society
  • Mention two diseases associated with unclean water


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