Newspaper Reading

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Newspaper Reading

Newspaper reading

For many years before our parents were introduced to the art of receiving information from the TV and radio, they read only newspapers for information gathering.  television


Newspapers allow people to read news and get informed about different events and happenings around them and in the world. Because newspapers were printed and distributed to different places, some were printed in the language of that community. 

In today’s class, each student will get a copy of any newspapers from the school library and read for thirty minutes. 


Once you get a newspaper, choose an article you wish to, write down important parts of the article and report it to a friend in the class. At the end of this, we’ll each identify the name of the paper, the writer of the article and mention the important details we were able to get from the newspaper. 

Today’s class, as expected, was fun! Remember that a newspaper essentially passes information to readers and informs them on happenings around them. 



Before radio and television was introduced, what were people using to gather information?

Weekend Assignment

List six newspapers read by people in your society.

We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning learning about Formation of Nouns From Adjectives

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