Speech Work: Call And Responses

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Speech Work: Call And Responses

The speech work we are about to look at is about a conversation showing how a call is made and the responses that follow. 

Call And Responses

  • A phone rings, a girl rushes to answer the call from the living room. 
  • A caller is the person who makes or places a call across to the receiver. 
  • A receiver is the person who received the call.

Call and responses

Caller: Hello, good morning


Receiver: Good morning. Who’s on the line?


Caller: Is this Mr William’s youngest daughter?


Receiver: Yes, who are you?


Caller: I am Mr Gabriel, the class teacher of Mabel Williams. That should be your sister if I’m right. 


Receiver: Yes, sir! Who would you like to speak with?


Caller: I’d like to speak with your parents. Could you please pass the phone to them?


Receiver: I’m sorry, my parents are currently out of the house. I’ll inform them about your call, as soon as they’re back. 


Caller: Thank you. Have a pleasant day.


From the conversation we just read, we can see that calls and responses involve two persons, sometimes more than two. One person cannot be a caller and also a receiver. 



Explain the purpose of the conversation between the caller and receiver? 


Reading Assignment

Practice the call and responses read in today’s class with your friend. 


Weekend Assignment

Write how your conversation with your Aunt/Uncle would look if you were to call them on the phone for the first time. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about New Words And Meaning.

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