Composition: A Day I Will Never Forget

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In today’s English class, we will learning about Composition: A Day I Will Never Forget

Composition can mean two things. It can mean a piece of writing, or it can mean the art and process of writing. 

Composition is not a specific type of writing like an essay. Instead, it’s a term that can refer to any written work that is true and how a piece is written. 

As a result of this, sometimes you might be asked to write a composition for class. 

In today’s class, we’ll be looking at an interesting topic to write about. 

A Day I Will Never Forget


My name is Sarah Adebajo. A day I will never forget is the day I visited Ibadan With my family. 

a day I will never forget

It was the first time my father had announced that we will be traveling out of Lagos for the first time. I was 9 years old and in primary 5, and we had just started our summer holidays. 

Everyone in my family was happy. My mother had gone to the popular Lagos Island market in Balogun to buy clothes and the Oyingbo market in Yaba to buy foodstuffs. It was an exciting moment for us all!

My father drove my mother, my older brother and sister and myself to Ibadan two days after we returned from the market. 

We had a wonderful time in Ibadan just as we expected as we visited friends and families who welcomed my family and gave my siblings and I plenty of money. 

The composition tells the story of Sarah Adebajo, who talks about how interesting her trip was with her family and how it became a day she will never forget. 


Explain why an essay is different from a composition.

Reading Assignment

Write a composition about your favorite food. 

Weekend Assignment

  • What is an Explanatory Composition?
  • List four important details you must include when writing an explanatory composition.
  • Write a composition on a trip you will never forget. 

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