Grammar: Writing Dialogue

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Writing Dialogue


Writing Dialogue

Can you remember our last class where we discussed conversation? Consider today’s class to be a revision of the Conversation class. 


Everyday we often engage in discussions whether in the class, at home or in society. 


By definition, a dialogue is said to be a communication between two or more people. A dialogue can also be referred to as a conversation because they both involve speaking with more than one person. 


How To Write A Dialogue


Just like you have a guideline in all forms of writing, when writing dialogues, there are rules you must obey, as they will help people to determine the kind of writing you have done.


Let’s take a look at some of the guidelines that you must follow when writing a dialogue.


  • The purpose of the conversation
  • Number of people involved
  • The subject of the conversation
  • The object, if any, in the conversation
  • The conclusion of the conversation


In summary, a dialogue can also be referred to as a conversation, and a conversation can also be called a dialogue because they both involve speaking with more than one person. 




What is a dialogue?


Reading Assignment


Write a short dialogue between two of your favorite characters in a story. 


Weekend Assignment


Write a dialogue about a child and a parent discussing their Christmas plans. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about Speech Work.


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