Quarrels And Exchanges of Instructions

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Quarrels And Exchanges of Instructions

Quarrels And Exchanges of Instructions

Has anyone ever made you upset or angry? If yes, can you remember how you reacted towards that person?

quarrels and hot exchanges of instructions

Let’s look at this passage reflecting not quarrel and exchange of instructions between two siblings. 


You may act this passage with your friend in the classroom. 


Cecelia is the oldest while Nana is the youngest.


Cecelia: Nana! How many times will Mama tell you to always wash the dishes once you’re back from school?


Nana: Are you Mama, why should you command me? Mama said I came out of her womb 24 hours after you were born. Why do you now act like my teacher?


Cecilia: You must be out of your mind to talk to your elder sister like that! Wait for me, let me get my shoes.


Nana: Now that you have hit me with your shoes, how do you feel? Like a boss or the president of Ghana? I will deal with you. Just wait for me!


Mama enters the room where her daughters were and separates them without further injury. She gathers them to her bosom and tells them the story of how the tongue and teeth fights and settles all the time. “You are blood sisters and not enemies. You should love and not fight one another,” she said. The girls apologized to Mama and embraced themselves.



A conversation centered on a quarrel can lead to what?


Reading Assignment

If you are to give instructions to anyone, who would it be and what will your instructions be?


Weekend Assignment

Write a story on a quarrel you witnessed and the outcome of such quarrel.


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