Information And Description Passage

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Information And Description

Before we go into our short passage for today, let’s see what information and description is. 

The best way to remember what information is, is by remembering your noun. An information is an uncountable noun meaning facts about someone or something.


While a description means statement or a piece of writing that tells what something or someone is like:

information and description


Information And Description Passage


Lily Fields International School is a Nursery and Primary school known for producing excellent students in Lagos. The school, in an effort to help school children in some Lagos communities, recently purchased five school buses. The buses were distributed across various local governments and were overseen by their chairmen. 

Since the donation of the buses, the number of students who have made it to school before the assembly time has increased, likewise the rate of children who return home immediately after school hours has increased. 

The Lagos State government has honored Lily Fields International School as the most generous school in Lagos State. As a result of this, many have praised the generosity of the school. 



Identify the information in the passage and list two things you learned from the story.


Reading Assignment

Before the donation of the school buses, what have some children been doing after school hours?


Weekend Assignment

  • What is the difference between information and description?
  • List 5 new words in the passage and write down their meaning


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning more about Writing.

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