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In today’s English class, we will be learning about How To Write Emails And Text Messages

Have you ever heard someone talk about sending an email to their boss? What about sending a text message to a friend? Stay with me as we learn more about Email writing and Text Messages.

Writing Emails

Writing good emails is a very important skill: It is a basic but important tool for day-to-day communication with people at work, managers, clients, and customers.

writing emails and text messages

Nearly everyone in the school environment and organizations communicates through email, so knowing how to write them well is an important skill for any student or employed individual to master. 

We can also say that a professional email is an email sent in a professional setting, such as between two colleagues, a supervisor and their employee, a student and their professor, or a job applicant and a hiring manager. Professional emails contain a clear, actionable message.

For example, emails can be short messages thanking someone for meeting with you and wishing them a good weekend. In most cases, though, the email is about a workplace assignment or tasks. 

Some of the topics you can find people writing emails about are:

  • Asking or answering a question
  • Clarifying a statement or directions
  • Following up on an earlier communication
  • Reminding the recipient of a deadline
  • Explaining something

Let’s take a look at an email written by a teacher to the school proprietor. 

SUBJECT: Permission To Visit The Clinic


Dear Sir,

A pleasant greeting to you. I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your continued support towards all the teaching and non-teaching staff of this school. 

As you are already aware, I have been visiting the clinic for the past two weeks for treatment. I would like to take next week off to rest properly. 

Since we are already close to the final week of the last term, I believe this act wouldn’t interfere with the children’s activities. 

I hope you consider this request of mine like you have always done. Thank you. 


Kind regards,

Osho M. M (Mrs).


Text Messages

While discussing emails to be very serious, official and professional, we can consider text messages to be less serious communication. Though not all the time do you have information communicated through text messages as less serious, however, the larger part is usually between people that already know each other. 

A text message is a short message sent electronically usually from one cell phone to another. This means for you to send a text message to anyone, you must use a phone. Text message allows you to communicate with people at any time as long as you have a phone with you. Text messages can be sent from a company to someone who applied for a job; it can contain information such as interview date or notification. Text messages can also be sent amongst members of a family or friends.

emails and text messages

Let’s take a look at an example: a text message sent from a friend to another. 


Hello, Taiwo

I hope you arrived home safe. I forgot to tell you that my mother left some fruits for you in the fridge. How about I bring it to school tomorrow? Kindly text me back so I can wrap it now. 



  • What is the difference between an email and a text message?
  • List the people you write Emails and text messages to.


Reading Assignment

Write an email to your class teacher about a recent decision to transfer to a new school. 


Weekend Assignment

Your parents have passed an urgent information about your birthday to you, which you have to pass across to your cousins, write two text messages to cousin 1 & 2. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about Biographies. 

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