Letters And Speech Sounds

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Speech Work

Like you’ve always wanted to know, let’s examine the relationship and division between letters and speech sounds.

Letters And Speech Sounds

letter and speech sounds

Letters and speech sounds are divided into two categories: the first one represents sounds where the air is blocked by the lips, tongue, or throat before leaving the mouth and sounds where the air is not blocked. 

So what are the vowels? 


The letters a, e, i, o, u—and sometimes y—are vowels. However, some consonants, like h, r, and w, can also make vowel sounds. In English grammar, these letters are still considered consonants and don’t follow the vowel rules.

However, an interesting thing is that Vowels play a major role in both spelling and grammar. They also have a direct impact on how consonants are used, such as spelling words with double consonants. 

First, try to consider the difference between hop and hope—which, as present participles, become hopping and hoping. The presence of the silent e at the end changes the rules for how to combine certain words.

Let’s quickly look at when you need to use vowels.

Unlike consonants, every word needs at least one vowel. In fact, the shortest words in the English language are one letter, and they are both vowels: the article a and the pronoun I.

Moreover, every syllable also needs a vowel sound. If a word has more than one syllable, it then needs more than one vowel.

In summary, remember that Consonants represent sounds that are blocked; vowels represent sounds that are not blocked.

consonants and vowels

While consonant sounds are differentiated by how the air is blocked—such as sticking the tongue behind the front teeth for d and t, or closing the lips for b, m, and p—vowel sounds are differentiated by pitch, accent, volume, and duration.


Name the categories letters and speech sounds are divided into.


Reading Assignment

List all the vowels in the English language in your note.


Weekend Assignment

  • Identify the places vowels play a major role in
  •  What are letters and speech sounds?
  • Explain how vowel sounds are differentiated.


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