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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Argumentative Essay: a teacher is more important than a farmer. 

Our topic for today’s argumentative essay class is: A Teacher is more important than a Farmer. 

argumentative essay

Before we start, those of you who believe that a teacher is more important than a farmer, sit on the left, while those who are in support of a farmer, should move to the right. 

Let’s start by explaining who a teacher and farmer is. 

A teacher is a person who imparts knowledge in people while a farmer is someone who plants and cultivates the farm in order to make food available to mankind. 

A teacher is more important than a farmer for many reasons and one of them is the passing of knowledge and instilling discipline and values in people. 

Without doubt a teacher makes people knowledgeable by helping them to understand both basic and higher lessons. A teacher will not rest until the students understand what is taught. A teacher will not go home from work until they are able to find solutions disturbing their students. A teacher is a father and mother to many students; they act as confidant to children and children trust them sometimes more than their parents. 

A teacher helps children become disciplined and valuable to society. A teacher is many things which a farmer might not be able to compare to. 

Thank you.

From today’s class, we have been convinced beyond question that a teacher is more important than a farmer. 


Would you rather become a teacher or farmer? Explain with reasons. 

Reading Assignment

Get a previously written essay on why a teacher is better than a doctor, read and compare it with today’s class. 

Weekend Assignment

Write an argumentative essay on this topics:

  • A boy is better than a girl
  • Studying in a day school is better than studying in a boarding school. 

We hope you enjoyed today’s class. Join us in the next class to learn about introductory paragraphs. 

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