Intonation Practice

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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Intonation Practiceexamples of intonation practice

Intonation Practice

Intonation is like the music of a language.

intonation practice

Intonation means the changes that someone makes to the sound of their voice when speaking.

examples of intonation

The up and down movements in the voice can show meaning or emotion. These movements can also take the place of punctuation, such as commas or question marks.

Intonation is considered important in the English Language because it plays an important role in showing meaning.

The next time you are listening to the news or watching a comedy show, ask yourself how the speaker is using intonation. Note the different kinds of intonation you hear – rising or falling.

Falling Intonation

Falling intonation describes how a person’s voice falls on the final stressed syllable of a phrase or a group of words. It can express a complete, definite thought, and ask wh-questions.

Examples of words used to identify falling intonations are:

  • “Where are you going?”

where are you going

  • “I got a new job!”


Rising Intonation

Rising intonation describes how our voice rises at the end of a sentence. This is common in yes-no questions or in expressing surprise.

Some examples of words used to identify rising intonations are:

  • “Is she the new teacher?”


  • “Are you hungry?”


Partial Intonation

Partial Intonation describes how the voice rises then falls. We use this intonation when we are not sure about something, or when we have more to add to a sentence. We can also use this intonation pattern to ask questions since it sounds more polite.

Some examples of words used to identify partial intonations are:

  • “Would you like another cup of tea?”

cup of tea

  • “I would like to help you, but…”

examples of intonation practice

In summary, intonation means the changes that someone makes to the sound of their voice when speaking. Intonations play an important role in showing meaning.


What is the role of intonation in the English Language?


Reading Assignment

Listen to a discussion between two of your classmates and identify the type of intonation used in their conversation. 


Weekend Assignment

  • Give 3 examples of rising intonation
  • Give 2 examples of falling intonation

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