Verbs From Adjectives

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Verbs From Adjectives

Perhaps you are feeling that the relationship between verbs and adjectives is already difficult enough, but consider that verbs can also become adjectives by turning into participles. 

These are verb forms ending in ‑ing like singing, eating, playing (present  participles) that are used to modify nouns.

As you will recall from your previous English classes, a verb is an action or doing word, while an adjective is used to modify or describe a noun. 

Adjectives are usually placed before the nouns they modify, but when used with linking verbs, they are placed after the verb. 

Let’s take some examples

  • The smiling baby is really cute.

verbs from adjectives

The present participle smiling used as an adjective here, is cute.

  • This our my new Washing machine

washing machine

Washing is acting as an adjective for a machine.

  • This is our broken washing machine.
  • This washing machine is broken.

broken washing machine

In both these instances, broken is an adjective modifying washing machine.

Another example goes thus:

  • I gave my friend a special watch.

wrist watch

Here, the past participle special is acting as an adjective modifying watch.

In summary, not only can nouns turn to adjectives, but verbs can also become adjectives by turning into participles. 


How are verbs turned to Adjectives?

Reading Assignment

  • What are verbs?
  • What are adjectives? 

Weekend Assignment

Give 10 examples of sentences containing a verb and adjective.

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