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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Singular And Plural

All nouns represent people, places, things, or ideas. If the noun describes only one of these, such as one person or one place, then it’s a singular noun. 

If it describes more than one, such as two people or multiple places, then it’s a plural noun. 

Singular nouns are the standard form of nouns, so you don’t have to add anything to make a noun singular. Plural nouns, however, are usually formed by adding an –s or -es to the end of a singular noun. Be careful, though, because a lot of irregular plural nouns don’t follow this rule. 

When do you use singular and plural nouns?

In English grammar, if you are describing a single person, place, thing, or idea, you use the singular form of the noun. 

  • one student
  • a teacher
  • this class

If you are describing more than one of these, you use the plural form of the noun. 

  • a few teachers


  • these umbrellas


Noun is plural when it represents two or more people, places, things, or ideas. You can identify most plural nouns because they end in –s or –es, although there are plenty of exceptions. In particular, irregular plural nouns each have their own special plural forms, such as child and its plural form, children.

Singular And Plural

English distinguishes grammatical nouns as either singular or plural. Singular nouns represent one of something.

  • one car

singular and plural

  • a friend


  • this daisy


Plural nouns, on the other hand, represent two or more of something.

  • five cars
  • a few friends
  • these daisies

In summary, you can tell the difference between most singular and plural nouns by how the word ends, except for irregular nouns.



When do you use singular and plural nouns?


Reading Assignment

Explain the difference between singular and plural nouns. 


Weekend Assignment

Write the plural of the following words:

  • Chief
  • House
  • Shelf
  • Fish
  • Loaf
  • Cake
  • Fringe
  • Pillage
  • Lorry
  • Vegetable


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