Speech Work: Tone And Voice

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Stay with me as we learn about Tone and Voice in today’s class. 

Tone And Voice

tone voice

Tone and Voice can be easy to mix up, especially when they’re said together so often. They are considered to be different ideas, but they both point to the same thing: your way of expressing yourself. Unlike spelling, grammar, and punctuation, tone and voice have to do with how you express what you’re saying—not how accurate they are. 

Think about the way people in your life speak. There’s something to the sound of your mother’s voice when she greets you on the

phone, the way your best friend uses big adjectives to describe small things, the consistent way your class teacher says “Good morning!”

tone and voice

These unmistakable style sounds are called voice when applied to writing. 

Your writing voice can consist of words you do or don’t use when you write, they include the turns of words you enjoy, the way you write a sentence, or the way you structure an argument.

Your voice is the fingerprint you leave on your writing so that someone can identify it as yours.


You can write in your own voice, or you can adopt someone else’s—if you’re writing a composition in class, you are likely to use your friends names and things people can easily identify you with. 



Why are tones and voices easily mistaken for each other? 


Reading Assignment

Write how two of your friends talk to you in your note. 


Weekend Assignment

Identify those things that can be used to identify your writing. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning focusing on Reading Comprehension

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