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In today’s English class, we will be learning about Adverbs

Have you ever considered being in a place without light for months? It is unimaginable! This would be difficult to deal with because electricity is needed for our day to day activities. 

When we talk about Adverbs in the English language, you imagine the importance of electricity to humans. 


This is so, because an adverb is a major part of speech that we use to modify verbs, adjectives, clauses, and even other adverbs. 



Simply put, we can say, an adverb is a word that modifies or gives more meaning to a verb, an adjective, a clause, or another adverb. Adverbs provide more information in a sentence by modifying another word. 

For example, I could say, “Jeremiah ran quickly “

adverb: boy

The adverb quickly in the sentence  tells us that Jeremiah ran with high speed. 

Let’s take a look at another example:

I really hate to waste my time

examples of adverb

This really tells us that the speaker not only takes their time seriously, but hates it being wasted. 

Other examples of an Adverb in a sentences could be like this:

Gina barely eats her lunch

types of adverbs

From the above statement, we already know that Gina could go on without eating in the afternoon. 

The teacher eats in a fanciful restaurant. 

examples of adverbs

The example tells us that the teacher will only eat in beautiful places. 

In summary, adverbs exist to make sentences more attractive and understanding. If we hadn’t been told how fast Jeremiah ran, or how Gina often skips her meal, we would have been left without light. Now we see the importance of Adverbs to verbs and adjectives. 


Use another adverb to replace the following words: 






Reading Assignment

Read and underline the adverbs in these sentences

  1. Because of the rain, I hurriedly left the house
  2. The conductor jumped swiftly out of the bus
  3. We happily left the cinemas for Church

Weekend Assignment

Give six examples of sentences containing adverbs. 

We hope you enjoyed today’s class. Let us know your thoughts and questions on this in the comment box!

See you in the next class as we learn more about the types of Adverbs. 

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